Uphil Rush

Uphil Rush




If you like the sound of engines this one is for you. Start the engine and go for a fast ride, but be careful not to fall off because the road is full of obstacles. You can play on easy, normal or hard mode. Decide which mode you prefer and go for a crazy race! You can customize your racer with the money that you win in races you can buy better clothes for your racer and other means of transportation such as horse, cow, skateboard and inline skates. During the drive doing tricks during a jump, and take as much money. The game is designed for all ages so enjoy the ride as you like. We wish you a good time and great fun! instructions: Uphil Rush Up arrow- accelerate Down arrow-reverse Left arrow-lean back Right arrow-lean forward Space button-jump/stunt (X) button-turbo (P) button- pause (M) button-map

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