Sniper Hero

Sniper Hero




As a sniper, you are dispatched to lurk around the enemy camo and shoot them. Be careful that your enemies do not notice you, while you decide which tactics you will kill the enemy, and do not forget to hide from time to time. Aim for the head you get more points. Be a true sniper and take your enemies like a true professional and make sure that they do not notice anything. Keep your finger on the trigger until you target your enemies and when you're confident, take them out. Set highest score and have fun! instructions: Sniper Hero S key to stand A key to hide Spacebar to aim Left mouse click to shoot

Game Detail

Do you like the sniper? The Sniper Hero game will blow your mind. well-aimed your target, lock, and shoot. Enemies have invaded many parts of your home contry.

Date Added: 2021-04-20

Category: ARCADE

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