Agario It's a free online game that you can play against players from all around the world. The aim of Agario game is to eat the balls that is smaller than you and to avoid balls that are bigger than you because they can eat you and that will be the game over for you so be carefull and remember that every time you get bigger you starting to move slower. You can even create your Agario ball now with customization you can choose skin for your ball, name, country flag and much much more. If you love challenging and in the same time very fun games then this Agario game is great choice of game for you, it's not just free, online it's even unblocked Agario game which means that you can play it from every place. Show your Agario skills and be in the top 10! Instructions: Use mouse to move and chase other balls.

Game Detail

In front of you is one of most popular and most addictive games today! Agairo is simple game but at the same time very challenging game,

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