Madagascar 3 Race Across Europe

Madagascar 3 Race Across Europe

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instructions: Madagascar 3 Race Across Europe

Up arrow-accelerate
Down arrow-Brake
Left arrow-Steer left
Right arrow-Steer right
Z-Use item

Game Detail

Welcome to Madagascar! Are you ready to race through Europe with your favorite cartoon heroes? Get ready for the wildest ride through europe ever! You can go to single payer and tournament. Choose how you want to start. Choose your driver, you can choose Ales, Gloria, Melman and later you can unlocked Marty! During the race collect gifts that will be on the road that you drive. Each gift gives you something that you can take advantage of the race because whenever you can pick them up. And of course be the first and win races across Europe! We wish you lots of fun and good luck!

Date Added: 2021-01-17

Category: AUTO MOTO

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